Feeding cats can be tricky as can transitioning to a new food!  For more help with this issue check out our page on our raw food site


A cat fed only a dry food diet can not physically consume enough water to adequately hydrate itself.

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Big Bear Pet Company has KatManFood that is our cooked cat food; we also offer Hoo-RAW! a raw frozen line of cat and dog foods, and Auntie's Pet Kitchen which is our dehydrated line of fruits and vegetables.  For more information click on the SHOP NOW button.



*Less stinky poop

*Nutrition from real food - nothing artificial added!

*Provides adequate moisture in the diet

*Cats love it!


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 All ingredients are human edible and number one quality.  All nutrition comes from real food ingredients.

KatManFood is a new concept in cat food.  We start with all human edible ingredients and gently cook, then freeze for optimum freshness and palatability for your feline friend.  We use only the best ingredients and add nothing artificial -- all the nutrition comes from real food!


 All food manufactured in a USDA human food plant under inspection hours using only human edible ingredients!  We manufacture in small batches for optimum freshness.

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